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I created SPD Action Travel to provide low-stress/high-reward trips to those that are passionate about motorsports. I want to give you the opportunity to turn laps on some of the world’s most incredible racetracks as well as experience the local nature, culture and history of these regions.


I have been competing in various forms of motorsports for the past 30 years and my passion for the sport has taken me to racetracks around the world. My adventures have put me in some unbelievable situations and allowed me to check off so many things from my bucket list, now I want to give you that opportunity. Whether you prefer two-wheels or four-wheels, I can build your dream trip for you. Or if you want to join me while I live life in the fast lane, take advantage of one of my once-in-a-lifetime Action Tours that I know will leave you speechless.

Kris Skellenger

SPD Action Travel


  • “I’m European but I didn’t appreciate Europe until my first trip with SPD. It was two different spectrums of an experience: being a tourist and S&#%*ing my pants on the Nurburgring! The combination of motorsports, tourism and local culture was one of the best experiences of my life.” - Ewa, Poland

  • “Each trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’ve had so many with SPD. Our trip to Austria for the MotoGP race was awesome. So was smoking a cigar on a bench across from Hungarian Parliament, night-clubbing and a late-night casino visit while in Budapest for a friend’s birthday.” - Jordan, Canada

  • “Our surprise VIP visit to the McLaren Technology Center was unbelievable! SPD knows how to open doors and create unique opportunities by talking to people and asking the right questions. I will use them for all of my future trips. They understand what I need and I know that any trip they create will be incredible.” - Renan, Brazil

  • “We visited a lot of different areas and I was able to observe a lot during my trip with SPD. I enjoyed the lifestyle, the beach towns, the architecture and the cars we saw. I’d been to California before but I appreciated it a lot more after my trip.” - Alira, USA

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  • “We highly recommend a travel experience organized by SPD Action Travel! Kris is a seasoned professional; organized, detail-oriented, and well-traveled. In addition, he is highly responsive to feedback, open to suggestions and willing to make changes without hesitation. He attends to virtually every detail including reservations for air travel, ferries, trains, car rentals, and accommodations, which made our transitions from place to place seamless and worry-free. Anyone considering utilizing the services of SPD Action Travel, can confidently do so without reservation.” - Marietta & Mitch, USA

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