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The return trip for those extending the trip to include Normandy will return on October 25.

October 14-21, 2022*


Starting price includes airfare, hotel room (double occupancy), ground transportation, track fees and track car rental. Upgrades and add-ons will increase the individual cost. Other restrictions apply.


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(Normandy/Paris Add-On: $1,250)


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Six nights in Europe and a track car for $6,300

From the Nurburgring to Switzerland and on to Normandy, there is no doubt that this European adventure will be truly epic.

Day One (Saturday, October 15): Amsterdam to Nurburg

After flying overnight from the US, we will officially start our trip by driving from Amsterdam to Nurburg, Germany (approximately four hours) where we will have an easy day. If you want to get familiar with the track we will have the option of doing one or two introductory laps or you can visit the Nurburgring Museum and/or some of the other automotive industry locations in the area. We will be spending two nights in the town of Nurburg and we will be visiting the local villages during our stay here while we are on the hunt for our favorite restaurant in the area.

Aremburg, Germany
Mika Hakkinen McLaren Nurburgring museum
Nurburg Castle
Erdinger Weissbrau Nurburg Pistenklause
Michael Schumacher Sauber Mercedes C9

Day Two (Sunday, October 16): Nurburg

TRACK DAY! We will be focused on driving the Nurburgring and taking in everything that makes the Nurburgring Tourist days what they are. Included in each package is four laps behind the wheel of a BMW 218i (or similar), fuel and lap fees. If you want a faster car and/or more laps, we can easily arrange that for you. Once your laps are done, wander the car parks to see the variety of cars and motorcycles that are on hand to do laps (click here for a taste of what the car parks are like). Want more track action? You can do more laps on your own as well as get a ride with our SPD track expert or one of the official Ring Taxis.

Nurburg Germany
Nurburgring Opel Astra Touristenfahrten
Nurburgring Touristenfahrten Skell15 Skoda Rapid
Aremburg Germany


Four additional nights in France for $1,250

Day Three (Monday, October 17): Nurburg to Strasbourg

After breakfast we will start the four-hour drive from Nurburg to Strasbourg, France. We expect to arrive in Strasbourg mid-afternoon which will leave plenty of time in the afternoon and evening for some sightseeing and a nice dinner. Strasbourg is home to the European Parliament and the Strasbourg City Center is a UNESCO Heritage site, so it’s definitely worth visiting. We will be spending one night in Strasbourg before moving on to Switzerland on day four.

Massif des Vosges
Manderscheid Castle
Strasbourg France
Strasbourg France
Chateau du Haut Barr France

Day Four (Tuesday, October 18): Strasbourg to Switzerland

After breakfast in Strasbourg we will continue our journey with a three-hour drive to the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, where we will be based for the next three nights. Throughout our stay in the Alps we will be shown the best that the region has to offer by a longtime Swiss local. Words cannot describe some of the villages we will be visiting, such as Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald and Interlaken. We will also be venturing into the Alps to take in the incredible views that they are known for.

Grand Ballon des Vosges
Lauterbrunnen Switzerland
Bern Switzerland
Bern Switzerland
Bern Switzerland

Day Five (Wednesday, October 19): AXALP!

There will be many highlights of the Swiss portion of the tour but one of them is sure to be the AXALP! Swiss Air Force live-fire demonstration high in the Alps. Witnessing F/A-18s perform live-fire training maneuvers while carving through the mountains is something we can’t wait to see.

Grindelwald Switzerland
AXALP! Switzerland
Iseltwald Switzerland
AXALP! Switzerland
Interlaken Switzerland

Day Six (Thursday, October 20): More of The Alps

After breakfast we will venture further into the Alps to spend the rest of the day taking in the sights of this wonderful region. From quaint Alpine villages to unreal mountain passes, there is more to see than one can truly imagine.

Murren Switzerland
Iseltwald Switzerland
Furkapass Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

Day Seven (Friday, October 21): Switzerland to Normandy

This represents the end of the first phase of the trip and those that are not able to join the second phase to Normandy, France will fly home on Friday. For those that are continuing on, we will get on the road early as we have a hefty ten-hour drive through the beautiful French countryside to the Beaches of Normandy.

Abbey of Saint-Étienne
Normandy France
Fort L'Ecluse France
Geneva Switzerland
Morwan Regional Nature Park

Day Eight (Saturday, October 22): Normandy

The D-Day Invasion is one of the most pivotal days in recent history and we will start the day at the Caen D-Day Memorial museum to get a further understanding of the region’s role in World War 2, D-Day and even the Cold War. After our time at the museum in Caen we will spend the rest of the day visiting Pointe du Hoc (the starting point of the D-Day ground assault), Omaha Beach, and a few ruined fortresses and gun emplacements to see where the history we’ve read about for years actually took place. Setting foot on these historical sites is truly a moving experience and one that is not worth missing.

Pointe du Hoc D-Day Normandy France
D-Day Memorial Omaha Beach Normandy France
D-Day Museum Caen Normandy France
Omaha Beach D-Day Normandy France
Omaha Beach Normandy France

Day Nine (Sunday, October 23): Normandy to Paris

The Normandy American Cemetery will be our first stop for the day. This is a truly somber and humbling place and will have a unique impact on every one of us present so we will spend as much time as necessary for everyone in our group to pay their respects. After we’ve moved on from the cemetery we will visit any additional historical sites that we did not see on Saturday. Once we have seen all that we want to see on this trip to Normandy we will make the two-hour drive to Paris where we will spend the next two evenings.

Village Normandy France
Omaha Beach Normandy France
Normandy American Cemetery France
Road Normandy France
Longues-sur-Mer Battery Normandy France

Day Ten (Monday, October 24): Paris

PARIS BABY! We will spend the day walking around this great city to see some of the “must-see” sites such as the Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, etc. However, you are more than welcome to venture out on your own and see whatever parts of the city you desire. Just make sure to be back in the early evening as we will have one final group dinner. This is the last day & night of the trip, so make sure to live it up!

Louvre Paris France
Eiffel Tower Paris France
Locks on Bridge Paris France
Arc de Triomphe Paris France
Paris France

Day Eleven (Tuesday, October 25): Home!

After a week and a half of travel we will reluctantly be going home. We will depart from Paris to our homes amazed at how many life experiences we were able to pack in over the past week & a half and plotting our next adventure together.

Airplane sunset sky
Airplane sunset sky
Airplane sunset sky
Airplane sunset sky
Airplane sky
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