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October 13-21, 2023

Starting price includes airfare, hotel room, ground transportation, track fees, track car rental and airshow entry. Upgrades and add-ons will increase the individual cost. Other restrictions apply.


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Seven nights in Europe & Nurburgring track car for two days for $9,478

Drive the Nurburgring for two days, then venture high into the Alps to experience the greatest military airshow you'll ever see.

Day One (Friday, October 13): Travel to the Nurburgring

After flying overnight from the US, we will officially start our trip by driving to Nurburg from our arrival airport, a drive of approximately two hours. Once we arrive in Nurburg, we will take in the sights & sounds of the Vintage race weekend happening at the track and possibly visit the Nurburgring museum.

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Day Two (Saturday, October 14): Nurburgring

Track Day #1! We will be focused on driving the Nurburgring and taking in everything that makes the Nurburgring Tourist days what they are. Included in each package is four laps each day behind the wheel of a track-prepped car, fuel and lap fees. Once your laps are done, wander the car parks to see the variety of cars and motorcycles that are on hand to do laps. Want more track action? You can do more laps on your own as well as get a ride with our SPD track expert or one of the official Ring Taxis.

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Day Three (Sunday, October 15): Nurburgring

Day two at the Nurburgring. You will have an additional four laps in the track-prepped car and more time to explore the Nurburgring, it's many viewpoints and possibly even the local villages.

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Day Five (Tuesday, October 17): Strasbourg to Switzerland

After breakfast in Strasbourg we will continue our journey with a three-hour drive to the Bernese Alps in Switzerland (broken up by a stop at an unimaginable automotive museum), where we will be based for the next three nights. Words cannot describe some of the villages we will be visiting, such as Lauterbrunnen, Wengen and Interlaken.

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Day Six (Wednesday, October 18): AXALP!

There will be many highlights of the Swiss portion of the tour but one of them is sure to be the Axalp airshow. Witnessing F/A-18s perform live-fire training maneuvers while carving through the mountains is one of the most incredible things you'll ever experience.

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Day Seven (Thursday, October 19): More of The Alps

This will be a relaxing day that will allow us to explore the different Alpine villages in the area to take in the sights of this wonderful region.

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Day Eight (Friday, October 20): Lucerne

Our last full day in Switzerland will bring us to the charming city of Lucerne. We will walk around this ancient city (originally founded in the 700s) for a taste of the metropolitan side of Switzerland.

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Day Nine (Saturday, October 21): Home!

After a week of travel we will reluctantly be going home. We will depart from Zurich amazed at how many life experiences we were able to pack in over the past week and plotting our next adventure together.

Airplane sunset sky
Airplane sunset sky
Airplane sunset sky
Airplane sunset sky
Airplane sky

Day Four (Monday, October 16): Nurburg to Strasbourg

After breakfast we will start the four-hour drive from Nurburg to Strasbourg, France. We expect to arrive in Strasbourg mid-afternoon which will leave plenty of time in the day for some sightseeing and a nice dinner. Strasbourg is home to the European Parliament and the Strasbourg City Center is a UNESCO Heritage site, so it’s definitely worth visiting. We will be spending one night in Strasbourg before moving on to Switzerland on day four.

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